God is Sachchidananda. He manifests Himself as infinite existence of which the essentiality is consciousness, of which again the essentiality is bliss, is self-delight.

That which has thrown itself out into forms is a triune
Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, Sachchidananda, whose consciousness is in its nature a creative or rather a self-expressive Force capable of infinite variation in phenomenon and form of its self-conscious being and endlessly enjoying the delight of that variation. It follows that all things that exist are what they are as terms of that existence, terms of that conscious force, terms of that delight of being.

Strong and pure, it stands erect with its creative power

Ginger lily. Garland lily
Small to medium-sized highly fragrant waxy flower with a long narrow corolla tube and three petal-like lobes, the upper larger and deeply split; in white and shades of orange, red, yellow and pink; borne in dense terminal spikes from a tight cluster of sturdy green bracts. A robust rhizomatous perennial with reed like leafy stems.

Photo Courtesy: Henryr10